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    I am currently using Agendus Pro 7. It has its own memo, todo, calender...etc, etc. I am looking for an application that intergrates with the built in apps installed on the Treo 600 and not something that works independently of it. Can anyone out there provide me with a direction for my search?

    Dont get me wrong, Agendus is nice; but its bloated.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    your post is strange, o pink text writer user. Agendus sits on top of the existing databases, and is not independent, as you claim. Agendus, DateBk5, and there are many others like them, all are a layer ON TOP OF the built in databases, and add functionality like different views/icons, etc, along with sometimes linking the apps together, like how Agendus allows you to correlate meetings with people. But - these kinds of apps integrate WITH the built in databases, and are definitely not independent of them. It may LOOK like Agendus has its own memo, to-do, calendar, etc, but in reality, you're just seeing their shell app on top of the core Palm databases.

    If you look at the Iambic website, they clearly spell this out.

    So - back to your original question - you want an app that integrates WITH the built-in databases. Well, Agendus/DateBk5, et al - do that, but they are indeed sizable in terms of memory and such. I guess the real question should be - what do you want your desired app to DELIVER to you, in terms of functionality? Answer that question, and then we can work on nailing down a direction for your search.

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