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    Hello, I've had a T600 with Sprint since October. In the last few weeks, I've been experiencing random (soft) resets. The phone will just be sitting on the desk and I'll notice that it resets. I have run the Sprint software update from a few weeks ago and thought maybe it was connected. Anyone else experiencing anything similar? I had no resets in the several months prior.

    Does anyone know a way to confirm that the update from Sprint properly installed (a version number of a specific app on the Treo perhaps)?

    thanks, Greg
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    Hello. I too have noticed frequent resets since the Sprint upgrade.

    Beyond that, I was skiing this weekend, and left my Treo 600 in a slightly charged (37% or so) condition in the car. At the end of the day, when I checked it, the Treo 600 had dumped all of the info, essentially a hard reset.

    My wife has a Treo 300 and her treo went thru a similar hard reset that day, in the same car.

    We were only able to hotsynch at the end of the ski trip when we got home. My phone has reset about three times this morning.

    Any ideas why the phones would go thru a hard reset while charged but in 10' F weather conditions for the length of a day?

    Thanks for any insights.
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    My battery has been acting up since the upgrade, leading eventually to a reset. Every couple of weeks or so a red "X" will appear over the battery icon. Then, after a while, the battery meter will drop to zero and the phone will shut off and reset. When it comes back, the battery has been heavily drained (but still has some charge).

    Not exactly what's been happenting to you, it seems, but perhaps a related problem?
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    Funny you mentioned that. Just last night had the phone charged to about 60% and listened to ptunes. In about 10 minutes, battery showed at 24%. I shut everything down, got home put it in the cradle and it showed 46% instantly. I don't get it, but it appears to be related.

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