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    My 600, which is a warranty replced unit, freezes up and constantly reboots itself over and over if it is below about 40 degrees Fairenhiet. This happens when i leave it in the car or my tennis bag or something. if i just hold it in my hands and warm it up, or put infront of the heat vent it will stablize and start working, but wireless mode has to be turned on manually. Has anyone else experieced this?
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    Well I'm in NYC where it's been above 40 about twice in the last 2 months and most definitely NOT been having that problem. It's either a h/w problem or a coincidental s/w conflict, IMHO.
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    Sounds like a hardware problem. Does the battery indicator show decent power below 40 degrees (if you can get a glimpse of it.)

    It could be that some component/connection is expanding when the temperature increases above 40 degrees causing a reconnect internally.

    I'd definitely ask for a replacement.
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    I've been to Minneapolis several times in the last couple of months (I'm here now in fact) and it has been regularly below zero (this trip is warm! 17+ or so) and I've even walked outside for quite a while (15-20 minutes) with the Treo on my belt. No problems at all.

    I think capacitors can be very temperature sensitive when on the verge of breaking...I have to believe it's completely a hardware problem...
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    I believe your Treo is trying to tell you something, I think you should listen. It's saying "I want to move to Miami..."

    I did have my Treo slow down a lot last time it was freezing out, but that's about it....
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