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    Anyone have a good recommendation for a replacement stylus for the Treo 600? I lost mine this weekend and I've done a brief search on the web and noticed that there are 2-in-1 replacements that include an ink pen in the stylus.

    I thought this was a goiod idea so I started searching for various vendors for them and the only reputable company I've found so far that sells a third party 2-in-1 stylus is

    I hesitate to purchase from them because of the known issues with the reset pin and occasional post of users having the caps come off leaving the stylus stuck in the Treo.

    I also read this thread where cash70 stated that it was the same stylus that you can get from your local staples store called a "Windows Mobile 3-in-1 Stylus".

    Any advice on this? Should I just stick with the factory replacement from palmOne or are there more options I don't know about?

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    from styluscentral - quick ship, reliable product, and when they develop one with a longer reset pin, they will ship the new model to those who purchased the temporary 2-in-1.

    I love it - always have a pen on me, and for now, I keep a paper clip on my keyring for emergency resets, as suggested by another poster (sorry, don't remeber who, but thanks for the great tip!)

    I also got a bunch of refills with different ink colors. I was waiting for this for a long time and am not disappointed.

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