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    Has anyone recently received a Covertec case from Mobile Planet? I ordered the Black Leather case (not the horizontal case) back in early December and I still don't have it. It always says that it is backordered, and the due date has been pushed back several times. The data on the website now says 2/18/04, but I have not very optimistic.

    This is typical of the bad experiences I have had over the years with Mobile Planet. Are there any other distributors for this case?
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    I ordered a Covertec (Horizontal) case on 1/16, and it was likewise repeatedly pushed back as "backordered". I finally received it 2/15. It was definitely worth the wait!

    Since Covertec is manufactured in Europe, and there is such a large demand, I suggest being patient. The delays are probably beyond Mobileplanets control. FYI, I was NOT charged until the case was actually shipped.
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    I had the same case ordered on 12/10 from mobile planet and just finallly gave up on it and purchased it from ebay (there are quite a few listed). It just arrived today. It's brand new and the price was exactly the same as mobile planet only w/out the waiting.... and waiting... and waiting...

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