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    Pocket Mirror 2.16 will not synch Treo 600 Email w/Outlook email. Neither does Palm Desktop. Does anyone know any way to synch email between the Treo 600 and Outlook?
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    You need additional software - an app on the Palm, and a conduit on your PC.

    For now, if you're an individual (no Exchange), the only choices are Basejet, Dataviz InboxToGo, and Agendus Mail. None has complete Treo support, and all have pretty serious drawbacks. You'll have to experiment to find the best of a bad lot.

    Someone posted a fairly detailed description in the files section of the Treo group on Yahoo ( about a month ago.
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    The other option is to use an IMAP client on your Palm, and use Outlook in IMAP mode (assuming that you can use an IMAP provider).
    Jeremy Howard
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    Sprint Business Connect syncs Outlook XP with the Treo 600 just fine, wirelessly. Been using it for some time now.

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