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    I want a case for the Treo 600 that can also accomodate the external battery!!!!

    Anyone know of one?
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    look at this case.... ripoffs CO-144A

    I have the CO-129 for my treo 600 w/o the battery. I put a piece of oaktag (the stuff verical folders are made of) in the slot between the clip and the screen to keep it from pressing against the screen. (I did not have any indications that it would, but for a 450+ phone you gotta be careful).

    The CO-144A is larger than the case I have an I think it will hold both the external battery and the phone. For 15.00 buck it is worth the shot.

    Here is the link to get one

    Another place to get it:

    here is the manufacturer's info:

    hope this helps....

    When I recieve the case and the external battery I will post a review.
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    Thanks for your good suggestion. I'm going to order the CO-144A and see how it works out. I'll post a review here.

    Of course what I'd really like is for Krusell (or another firm -- if any of them are reading this) to make a form fit case that covers the phone and the battery. I like having the entire device inside plastic when I use it because I know it's well protected that way. It's also easy to just wipe a cloth across the clear plastic case.
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    I would agree, although I doubt case manufacturers will make case for the few of us who get the extended battery. There was a thread on here where you could get a custom case made. I don't have that kind of money for a case, but it could be an option. I'll search and post the thread here....
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    Does anyone else have a problem installing the external battery when you also have e-grips installed?

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    Yes. I have egrips also and it is a bit tight. I moved the side ones a little and it helped the fit. I couldn't get the back on off w/o tearing it. So, the battery is on, it is just tight.

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