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    I could not find any other threads that spoke of this, so I will ask...

    Can the latest Palm Web Pro software be used on the Treo? There are certain websites that are viewable with this software that do not work with Proxy-type software, but I do not see the Treo 600 listed as being compatible. I am thinking it does not work because of the 160x160 screen, but I want to know for sure.

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    Do a search on WebPro or WebProV, there should be quite some threads about it. It's a better browser than Blazer, in particular faster, but the latest and the greatest is the ReqWebViewer. Somebody started a thread about this browser last week so you could even find this one by scrolling through the recent threads.
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    It crashes on myT600 when I close it. Works great up until that point.

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    This has been discussed to death... I'll be nice though and point you to this thread:

    In fact, I'll be uber nice and tell you to just download the patched version that works on the Treo600 here.
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    I've been using the patched version.


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