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    I was using this on my 270 and found it rather unhelpful for two reasons. One, it seemed to cause crashes periodically. I'm not sure of that but...TWO, whenever Treo crashed, all the ring tone settings were wiped out (hence, my guess it TCR was related to the crashes).

    Anyone else experience this? And as I'm about to upgrade to Treo 600...any better luck?
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    Hey Mark S,
    I had TCRinger on my Treo300 and when I upgraded to the 600
    and found I could download midi ring tones directly to the 600
    (eg, ) I started
    dong that.

    In other words;

    On the 600 on Blazer go to the midi web site.

    Select something you find that you'd like as a ringer.
    Select it...
    Answer a few "do you really wanna do this" type questions.

    And now it's an midi on you phone available as a ringer.

    I have the FLINTSTONES, and the JETSONS theme songs as
    ringers on my 600.

    So, as far as I'm concerned TCRinger is no longer something I

    Hope this is helpful
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    tcringer is not really recomended for the 600. if you can find the latest version, it will work but has a nasty habbit.

    search the forums for more details.

    it doesn't look like there will be a newer version of it either.
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    hoho ringtone manager works great.

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