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    I found this out yesterday while I was listening to an Audible book and someone called my phone. The mp3 ringer began to play while the Audible book continued to play (choppily) in the background. My screen/buttons froze and there was no way to answer the call or shut off the ringer. I had to reset the Treo to get anything to work (or stop, in this case.) I have tried the same set-up a few more times and each time causes a freeze.

    edit: Out of curiousity, I tried calling my phone while listening to Ptunes and watching a video on MMplayer. No crashes with either one.
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    Laurie -

    I haven't been able to replicate your problem. I'm all about Audible - for me, it's the T600 killer app. I saw your post & installed pTunes & LightWav. Configured my phone to play an mp3 (hadn't thought of doing this before) & tested it out.

    Fired up Audible & placed a call to my phone from a land line. Audible stopped, mp3 starts up & caller ID screen shows up.

    One thing, though: I don't have the Audible player set to play in background. I've noticed that it won't stop playing when I get a call, so my caller has the pleasure of listening to whatever book I'm enjoying. I suspect that the Audible player is ill-behaved & won't cede the sound system to other applications.

    Is your Audible set to play in background?

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    Yes it is set to play in the background and it becomes all garbled and jumpy when something else happens to the phone. After getting the problem to repeat every single time I went through the steps yesterday, all of a sudden last night it only messed up once out of 4 tries.

    I will take off the background setting in Audible to see if that helps. I contacted LightWav and I think they are looking into it. Thanks

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