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    I am one of the lucky 400 T-Mobile Corporate clients to get their Treo 600 in January. I am a former Palm User and was on my fifth one (Tungsten C) when I decided go "convergent." I had difficulty initially in setting up my email on the software provided by Handspring. I can receive emails, but I can't send them. I am considering SnapperMail. I realize that SnapperMail is a fat client that allows attachments in as well as out.

    What am I doing wrong on the outgoing emails?
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    Originally posted by Cougar
    What am I doing wrong on the outgoing emails?
    Generally speaking, to send emails (i.e. SMTP server set up), you'd need a POP3 email program that does work with relay email setups (i.e. Treo 600 and such). I signed up with Softhome (, and it is FREE. Then for receiving and sending email (POP SMTP), Now you will be able to send emails. You can still receive emails from ALL your POP emails accounts regardless.
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    two possible reasons for smtp not working.

    the isp you are connecting through (in this case t-mo) doesn't allow relaying.

    the smtp server you are trying to connect to doesn't allow unknown IPs to connect to it. They may also provide a way to authenticate to get around this.

    for the first issue, use

    for the second issue ask the service that provides your smtp if they have a way to authenticate to it.
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