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    Hi All

    I should get my treo 600 at some time today. I have searched this forum and got a lot of the info I need.

    From what I have read in order to use an mp3 file as a ring tone I will need to buy pTune, Call fillter and an SD card.

    Is this correct or is there a way to use an mp3 as a ring tone that does not involve buying additional apps and cards.

    Thank in advance for any info on this.
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    You can achieve the same with TreoButler (costs 6 dollars rather than 30 for CallFilter) and pocket tunes.

    Pocket Tunes you can get free by registering the Treo 600 at I had to upgrade to the latest version of Pocket Tunes (2.1) to use it for ring tones, this is free from the pocket tunes website.

    I currently don't know of a 100% free way of doing this, but 6 bucks isn't too much
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    Thanks for the info

    I think I can run to $6 for an app.

    Do I still need an sd card.
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    Yep. Music files can eat a lot of space, and so can lots of pics.

    Just don't try to cut the card down with an exacto knife to keep it from popping out. -LOL
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    I filed down my Sandisk 256mb card using a nail file (Emery board...) I used the dummy card as a template. However I did not go so far as to make it flush, it sticks out about 1/2mm, but I rounded it off, and it works perfect! Nothing is exposed, and it looks like it was made that way not. Smooth and sweet looking.
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