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    According to this article a Treo 600 will show up in iTunes like an iPod would.

    Greg Lawhorn describes it further:
    What you need to do is go to the Help Center on the Audible web site. Click on "Find An Answer". Select "iTunes and Mac" from the Category popup, and "Transferring to Device" from the subcategory popup. The item you're looking for is currently at the bottom of the list, and marked as new.

    There is no "firmware". The installer program installs two files to the expansion card in your Palm. Have iTunes running. Then run Audible on your Palm. The Palm will show up just like an iPod does, in the Source bar on the left. You'll have two items listed, one for the internal storage on your Palm, one for the expansion card. Just drag an Audible book to the storage card. It will ask for your Audible password in order to authorize the Palm as a device. I'm not sure if it's authorizing the Palm or the card, by the way. It transferred a 50 meg book to my T|E in about ten minutes or so.
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    sweet. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the info, I am downloading it now.

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