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    "No speculation here whatsoever.
    Fact: when a stereo adapter is plugged into the Treo, the mic is disabled.
    Fact: it IS your headphones that turn themselves into a microphone.
    Fact: any standard set of stereo headphones will work. some better than others.
    All anyone needs is the $3 RadioShack adapter "

    Are you sure?

    One of the most common ways I use the Treo is with the stereo headset adapter plugged in. I listen to MP3's all day, and when I get a call, I simply hold the face of the Treo 8 inches from my mouth and converse. I hear them through the headphones, they hear me, I assume, through the microphone.

    Are you telling me they have been listening to me through the headphones for all this time?

    Many times I have a pair of Sony V-700 DJ "closed air" headphones plugged into the treo. You know, those very large headphones often used by Club DJ's. They are a closed design, cup completely over my ears, and isolate outside sound EXTREMELY well.

    I would be really surprised if those big things acted like a microphone.
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    I guess this could be settled by figuring out if the people who claim the stereo headset works also as a mic find out if they hear true stereo (two independent signals left and right) or simply a mono signal split to both left and right headphones. If it's stereo the headset can not work as a mic at the same time, since both lines are output. So it must use the built in mic on the phone. I attached the pin layout of the jack that I got from scrinch, it explains how the phone decides if a mic or speaker is attached.
    It also seems that there is confusion which mic is disabled under which circumstances, no?

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    Plug in the stereo adapter with no headphones attached. Make a call. If the party on the other end can hear you, the built-in mic is not disabled.
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    I tried the little experiment suggested by kmsixjv, and by plugging in the adapter, it did NOT disable the microphone. Also, I did some tests using my stereo headphones, and I am certain that the stereo headphones were NOT functioning as a microphone.
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