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    I sense that the day will finally be here when my Treo arrives, so those of you experienced in the ways already, please answer one question:

    I want to install the Treo version of Palm Desktop without losing all my contacts, memos and datebook entries from my soon to be shelved Sony Clie. Should I simply install the Treo software over the Clie version, assuming that the former will recognize the data from the latter?

    The Handspring website mentions backing up the "user folder" but I cannot find such a folder in my C:\ Clie directory. Thanks for any help.
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    That's what I did. (Install over the existing directory.) The install program will ask you if you want to delete the existing installation. Say yes, because it won't delete your data.

    The "user" directory is your user (hotsync) name, not "user."
    Bob Meyer
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    Thanks for the help, Bob. Now that I think of it, is it possible to have two separate versions of Palm desktop existing on the same computer, like if I wanted to give my Clie to my wife and have her Hotsync it on the same computer as I do my treo?
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    No. And yes.

    I don't think you can have two separate installations of Palm Desktop, but it is possible to sync two separate devices, with two different hotsync names, to one desktop. The desktop software will let you switch between users, and keep the appts, calendars, backups, etc. separate.

    I haven't tried this with my Clie and Treo, but I did do it with my Clie and my wife's Palm. I don't remember the exact order I did things, but I remember I installed the software for one device, and it worked fine. Then I installed the software for the 2nd device, and it worked, but the first wouldn't. I then re-installed the software for the 1st, and both worked.

    Make a backup of your entire Sony handheld directory and all subdirectories first, and then play around with it.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.

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