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    I was just exchanging a email with the author of BatteryGraph about my DB growing crazily and he looked my DB over and reported that my Treo is turning itself on every 10 seconds. The screen isn't on, it's just coming to life for something ( on/off event ).

    My question: Is there a program, tool, place to look to find what is turning my Treo on every 10 seconds?

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    I noticed the same thing with battery graph, it took forever to sync.

    I would guess the device is scanning the network for voice mail, network strength...
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    Could be Chatter, if you have it. It's not as though it matters significantly to battery life.

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    No Chatter on the Treo.

    I'm actually more worried about what's turning the Treo on more than BG now. That's got to hurt battery life...even if the screen isn't turning on.

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    Try to update the firmware on your treo.

    If you have GSM: try the latest firmware (2.09 or 2.10)
    If you have CDMA: install upgrade from sprint.
    I think it will correct your bug.

    You can find the links to the firmware upgrade on this forum.
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    Okay, where can you find BatteryGraph? A search for 'BatterGraph' and 'Battery Graph' on PalmGear yielded no results....
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    Look on Freewarepalm for BatteryGraph, it's VERY good. I can't imagine not having some way of tracking your battery life and run times in the real world. Here is a direct link:

    I used to have this problem pre-1.1 occasionally but it seemed to be associated with unbalanced on/offs.

    I am up to 1.1 and it seems to happen constantly now.

    I'm actually beginning to think that it's some issue WITH the 1.1 update as the developer told me that my Treo is turning on each 10 seconds and I, like quite a few others, have noticed a battery life drop since 1.1.

    I'm still looking for any info on how to find out what process is causing the turn on event.

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    I -may- have found the problem. I went through each of my apps that might leave something running int the background and found that disabling Callfilter caused me to stop increasing on/off events. I'll do some more tests overnight and in the morning.


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