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    So, I wonder how many orders PalmOne has for the variuos vendor's 600's?

    I have one on order for Cingular and they now say, end of February and are giving us free things like car chargers, etc.

    T-Mobile, month's end too!

    So, what if they release the 610 to those of us that are waiting?

    No, I'm not smoking anything, either.

    PalmOne reports they have a 30 day satisfaction quarentee. (CAN SOMEONE ELSE CONFIRM THIS?)

    Do they really want us to hold on to our 600s, then release the 610, so we return all of the 600s to them?

    Why not just ship the 610?

    I like the idea, what do you think?
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    Maybe because there maybe NO TREO 610!!! - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    I don't think they are "holding" them for any business strategy other than the fact that manufacturing is slow to replenish inventory.
    I for one do not believe that the 610 is imminent. It will eventually come, but not until later this year (4th quarter) the earliest.

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    I have a replacement 270 on order form P1 and was told that nothing will be shipped until months end asn they just moved warehouses. maybe thats is the reason.
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    800 plus readers and only 3 comments?
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    Lots of companies are doing this now. They don't want to overproduce and have money sitting on the shelves that may go to waste if a newer and better product is offered by the competition. They produce just enough to try and keep up with the demand, this also helps to keep the price driven.
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    Selling you a 600 and shipping you a 610 would be a form of bait-and-switch unless they gave you the option of getting the 610. Since P1 apparently has not contacted people regarding doing such an upgrade, you can rest assured that those who ordered 600s will see 600s delivered. The only question is when.

    With that aside, everything I've seen on the '610' has been anecdotal. No actual product so far exists. P1 is either backordered with parts, can't assemble them fast enough, or is going through some form of a reorg that's causing shipments to be delayed. I think another thread mentioned a warehouse change; that could be partially responsible.
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