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    Hi, i am using a 2.08 firmware, GSM. It seems lightwav cannot detect the mp3 sound installed in my SD memory. Please help. I am using pocket tunes 2.2.1 and lightwav trial version. Have enabled lightwav and always use ptunes. BUt still don't work.

    Please help.
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    Are the MP3s you are trying to use less than 1 MB? The demo version will only work with MP3s less than 1 MB.
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    Thanks. they are at least 3mb.

    If i will buy the software, will it be able to read the mp3 files from the sd?

    Or i have to transfer them to ram/rom? If so, then it will only play one to two songs since the rom is not that big.

    Please correct me if i am wrong.
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    It can read them from the card.
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