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    there's a new program called speak me, I believe, which reads your memo entries aloud.

    I tried it out over the weekend and its fantastic!!! what a great way to study or review important information!

    also another wow factor for the treo. this is very, very cool!
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    Link to the program?
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    Please send the link. I'm very interested. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    perhaps he meant this ?
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    That's really neat. That Parking Lot game is kind of fun, too. Hooray for the folks at Mapopolis.
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    Ok, someone make a .prc for reading email in Snapper And, some better voices too.
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    Cool, but I can't get it to read any numbers or symbols....
    Also, kind of a pian having to switch applications to get it to read. Wish it were more of a plug-in to the original memo program on the Treo.

    However, I shouldn't really complain since it was free, after all.

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    Can this reside on the expansion card or does it have to go into the phone RAM?
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    This is a very basic application but I'm glad that someone has finally thought of doing this. I have for the longest time wanted a way for my Treo to read me my appointments, to-do's and new e-mails while I am doing something else. (Reading e-books is another posibility although offers a better solution for that). Although we are not there yet, we are headed in the right direction.
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    Good program, especially with it being free. My problem with it is that it shows and will speak my hidden memos (the ones I've marked as private). This is a big security hole...
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    this is so cool just for being able to do this.

    big app, i wonder if it ould work from the sd card.
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    This program has some awesome possibilities! Man, if this were more refined (voice clarity, functionality with mail, alarms/alerts, etc...) and reasonably priced it would be a 'must have' monster for all pda geeks and geekettes! Encourage the developer STAT
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    Originally posted by Felipe
    this is so cool just for being able to do this.

    big app, i wonder if it ould work from the sd card.
    FWIW, I copied it over to my SD card and could not get it to work -- did anyone else have success here? I go to my SD card, click on the app, then select a memo, press "Read" and nothing happens. BTW, I didn't hotsync the app, just copied it to the "PALM/Launcher" folder on the SD card directly.
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    No go here either.... Put it on the SD card via a hotsync... and Presto... Nothing
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    WOW, this is pretty damned cool! Gosh, I wish something like this could get integrated into Snappermail or DocTGo! Being able to listen to email inbox while driving would be killer app...

    In fact there is an app that can do something similar to this called the Audacity DVR from audiost. Unfortunately it is not (yet) compatible with the Treo600... However they have indicated in the past that they're working on a Treo600 version. Apparently the voice recorder part does not work but the playback does work. The cool thing is the integration with HandBase plugin...
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    i would love to see a more polished version of this app soon, one that would be able to recognize numbers, symbols, as well as speech with a little more inflection in the voice.

    but as a start it is really cool. and i agree, gfunk, implementing this with snappermail would make it the next killer treo application! hopefully, this is just the beginning and that the developers will be releasing an upgrade sometime.
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    It works fine off of the sd card if you have a launcher such as Zlauncher. I have it and it works great.
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    jlczl, have ZLauncher. However, speak does not speak memos when installed on SD card. Where did you install the other two files (Speak consists of three files, the large database and two smaller files)?
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    when playing a memo, has anyone tried to stop it?

    i press the up and my treo reset.
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    Tap the screen.
    It'll stop.

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