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    I was just in a Sprint Store yesterday to replace my TREO600 (because I shattered the screen - bummed!) and they told me they did not have any in stock b/c there is a new "version" or the TREO600 coming out soon. I assume it's simply a software update but was wondering if anyone had more details.

    Is this new TREO600 simply "pre-updated" as if I bought and "older" TREO600 and used the online software update (v1.10)?

    Any info would be great. I'm sitting here with a shatter screen, unable to see anything wondering what to do... Get a "old" version TREO and Update it or suffer and wait for the "new" version TREO.

    Any input would be appreciated!
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    Treo 610 perhaps?
    ~Steve~**Treo 600 replaced Sidekick #17!!**

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