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    CompUSA Sprint T600 for $299 Feb 14- Feb 21. Is there a better deal out there? Buying one for my wife and want the best deal. I would appreciate your help in finding the best deal out there now.
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    I think that $299 is an excellent deal now that the $250 amazon deal is dead. You will most likely pay taxes on the $549 price.
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    it still shows selling for $599.
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    Is this still $299 after all those anti-customer loyalty rebates (as in, you have to open up a new contract)? Or is it $299, just for ****s and giggles?
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    Odd, the CompUSA ad in the paper here in Chicago shows it for $399 after all rebates. What market are you in that you see $299?
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    In the Atlanta paper it says $399 BEFORE $100 compusa rebate.

    So it is 599 - 50 instant rebate - 150 2yr Sprint rebate - 100 2yr CompUSA rebate. At least thats what I paid here.

    The "Before $100 CompuUSA mail in rebate" appears in red to the right o the $399 price.
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    Folks, just went to the store today (2/15) and in this area
    San Bruno, CA

    the price on the shelf is:

    $299 (after all rebates) =
    - $50 (instant rebate)
    - $100 (CompUSA mail-in rebate)
    - $150 (Sprint 2yr service rebate)

    This wasn't advertised online or even in the store ads.
    Just walked up to the cell counter.
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    With most Sprint locations having a shortage of Treo 600s, does this signal the release of a 610? Normally retailers will lower the price or have alot of rebates to move out the discontiued product. I am now wondering if I should move on a cheap 600 or wait on a 610.
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    eddierite, did you ask them why it had so many rebates? And did you buy one?

    Tremelle, my thoughts exactly!
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    Here's an actual online reference to the weekly ad:

    Doesn't show up if you search for the treo on the CompUSA site.
    And yes, the small print is impossible to make out.

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by bobbdd
    [B]eddierite, did you ask them why it had so many rebates? And did you buy one?

    I was in a rush so didn't have a chance to harass
    some sales folks....I didn't buy, though was very tempted...
    I'll think about it this week...basically wondering whether to
    wait if Verizon ever gets its act together (my T300 and
    Sprint service stinks). May just get it and hack it for Verizon's
    network as mentioned in other threads...
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    I bought one of the last ones in Atlanta at BB last week. As far as I know, Sprint and Compusa are basically perpetually sold out.
    this handheld is very hot in Atlanta.

    At Compusa you would have to wait for the truck to pull up in order to buy anything on sale at a discount. Although -- I did luck out and find the $99 SD card last week in stock when the web said all stores and delivery were sold out.

    So the bottom line is.. they could be selling them for $5, but you probably can't buy one. Good luck.

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