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    Anyone having the problem of wireless mode turning off on its own? I'm not sure how it is happening but I put the phone in my pocket with wireless mode on, and take it out a few hours later for something random and see wireless mode is off.

    This problem is never happening when I leave the phone sitting on a counter. I don't have the phone in a case so that means the buttons can be pressing on their own-? But I did a zillion button presses and could not get wireless mode to turn off when the phone is locked (I could get the phone to unlock by massaging the keyboard, however!)

    Perhaps going through a zone of no service when driving could be doing it?

    I have the phone checking my email every couple hours; maybe that has something to do with it?

    The battery level is not an issue, it happens sometimes when charge is excellent.

    In case this has already been discussed in the forums: I just spent over an hour looking for this issue and found nothing. Sprint is my provider.

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    Your phone may be crashing. If Treo 600 crashes when the wireless mode is on, it will restart the Treo and turn wireless back on. If it crashes again within a few minutes, the second time it reboots the system, it will not turn on wireless mode to prevent a looping action. Check your crash log to see if anything is causing an error around the time that wireless mode is off or a little before it - #*377.
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    That makes a lot of sense, esp. since the phone does seem to reset fairly often. I will start checking the log when it happens, to see if there is a pattern. Of course, ever since I posted the phone has decided to behave itself. (n.b.: ##377 to check log, not #*377).


    Well forget that idea: it happened this afternoon and I checked the log and the last reset was this morning.. I did drive someplace this afternoon.

    Any other ideas?
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    Is it a GSM or Sprint phone?

    Try a factory reset - press and hold the backspace and k keys. While doing this soft reset the Treo. It will flash and go dark. You will have to use a charger for a few seconds to wake it again.

    Then, before restoring your data by HotSync, I suggest removing all the files from your <username>/backup folder. Make a copy elsewhere. Now HotSync and you will just have your PIM data but no other applications. See if you still get wireless off. I suspect it is something that you have added causing it.
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    My t600 turns off on its own too, it's not a reset, i saw it just switching off the wireless part.

    No clue what it is.

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    Its not quite annoying enough now for me to take all the time to check if an application is doing it, but I'll keep that in mind. I do have a fair number of apps installed.

    My phone is a Sprint phone. Ettore must have a gsm phone, so its probably not related to phone type.

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    I have a lot of apps loaded, so i don't knnow what really is, but i can bet it happened the first time after installing lightwav.

    Do you use it too ?

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    Nope, no lightwav here. I do have SnapperMail - tuSSH - WirelessModem - PocketTunes - Bejeweled - WordSmith - RPN plus a few others.

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    i have a match for snappermail and ptunes.

    But I have Snapper from a lot of time, instead I installed recently the last version of ptunes.

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    Hmm, maybe its ptunes. I did run ptunes yesterday in the background, before an incident of wireless mode turning off. Let me list the rest of my apps. Most of them never run in the background so I don't think they are relevant but you never know.

    DiddleBug - Converter - FileZ - HandZipper - JpegWatch - TuneIt - Blocks - Chess Tiger - Lemmings - Lines - Marbles2 - Memorix - PacMan - Sketcher - Space Trader - Vexed.

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    I had this same issue with my treo 180. In fact I watched it occur while it was sitting on my coffee table. I leave the treo out and the wireless would turn off with the accompanied tone. I would turn it back on and 2 min later it would turn off again. I never got a good reason for this happening. But I did notice that it usually happened in areas with poor reception. However it doesn't happen consistently in those locations. Who knows maybe sunspots?

    Originally posted by Ettore
    My t600 turns off on its own too, it's not a reset, i saw it just switching off the wireless part.

    No clue what it is.
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    I had the same problem, got a replacement and its now fine.
    ~Steve~**Treo 600 replaced Sidekick #17!!**

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