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    I have read through some of the threads on databases for palmOS and they are fairly dated. I am looking for a solution to my current need and any help is appreciated.

    I am an insurance salesman for a well known company. You may have seen some of our fowl commercials. I have multiple business accounts and many clients within them.
    What I want to find or create is a database that will allow me to enter the account and all its pertinent info (name, address, tel#, number of employees, product offered etc). Within that I want to be able to list all the employees at each account with their personal info, and any products they have chosen.

    Of course I need a form on my treo that allows me to enter all this in the field as necessary and I'd like to be able to do the same in a desktop app. This likely would be done via import, say with a csv file from my sales software.

    I of course will also need to be able to search by account or clientname on the treo end. on the desktop too I guess.

    With some work I could do this in Access, as I used to be pretty good with that, but I don't know the best app for palm. Also if I am going to relearn Acces I might as well just learn something new but similiar.

    I have MobileBD, but I don't think it is hearty enough for my needs. If anyone has any suggestions or advice I'd appreciate responses. Also if someone knows of an existing db for handbase or thinkdb that will do what I need that would be cool too. Or for that matter some other product that fits the bill.


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    Hi Woof,

    I've been using Handbase for several years now and it meets your requirements. Not sure if there's an existing db template that would suite you, but it's not too hard to do it yourself, it can be done all on the treo itself, and the diy route offers the most flexibility.

    It comes with a desktop app that mirrors the functionality on the palm device. I use it to manage my record collection and initially imported the data as a csv from another database system. I have other tables (or databases as handbase calls them) such as labels and playlists, that reference the main record collection table.

    Hope this helps


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