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    Just got my t600 couple of days ago and I can't believe how convenient it is!

    There's one flaw though. The camera on-board is so bad in terms of colour solution and saturation. The resolution is quite outright poorest I've ever seen on a mobile-cam ever. It looks like it's 256 colours solution, if not worse. Any images taken indoors will have over-saturated colours (either psychadelic rainbow colours or a plain black images) and outdoors is no picnic either.

    is it just the screen working on a low bit solution or is it in the optics/CCDs?

    or is my t6 faulty?

    Any suggestions for improvement?
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    Download Qset from the following thread to reduce compression:

    Definitely an improvement!
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    Originally posted by kiteless it in the optics/CCDs?
    CMOS, not CCD.

    CCD vs CMOS.
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