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    What has happened to customer service since Palm took over Handspring? In less than 2 years I have needed 7 replacements. The first 3 had non-functional microphones. I finally got one that worked and then the hinge snapped after 8 months. That was replaced with one that died suddenly after 7 months. The replacement they sent will not function as a phone, just as a PDA, and the battery dies within hours.
    In the past, Handspring would do an overnight replacement shipment for $25. Now there is no option for that. I waited 10 days to get this one, which doesn't work, and they are telling me that my case cannot be upgraded to a higher level of service until the next business day. I love my Treo when it works, and was always willing to cut Handspring some slack because their customer service was so responsive but I'm almost ready to throw in the towel and just buy a separate phone and PDA that work. Any suggestions?
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    I know that HS has farmed out a lot of their um... 'customer service' to other companies.

    I used to deal directly with HS UK (I'm in Switzerland). It was not a bad service. Fast turnaround and prompt telephone, email service.

    Now I have to deal with A-Nova... who know absolutely nothing about the Treo hardware, let alone PalmOS. I tried to buy a battery for my 180 and A-Nova said that all they could do was SELL me a refurbished unit... "but I only want a battery!?!..."

    Make sure they are not sending you a 'B' unit. This has been refurbished and things like the hinge and battery may not be what they once were. On the old RMA's, it used to say B unit, if it was a refurb. Demand a new machine.

    Be a shame to lose an obvious supporter of the Treo just because of slack service but I hear you...

    Good luck whichever way you go.
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    After spending 1.5 hrs. on the phone yesterday and being bounced from HS customer service, to product repair, to T-Mobile, who apparently now handle replacements for their customers, I finally got them to send me a replacement Treo 270 via next day, for $15. Ironically, they didn't even recognize the IME number on the unit I had! The rep admitted that it would be a refurbished unit but said if this one didn't work I could request a new one. (It took me three attempts with my very first unit to get a new replacement that actually worked.)

    I am going to call Palm and HS to see if I can get an extension on my warranty because at this point, I have no confidence in the reliability of the product. I assume it isn't that easy to combine the phone/PDA, otherwise there would be a lot of competing products in the market. It's a great concept but with such flawed execution, I'm not sure I would purchase another. Too much down time and too much of my time involved in resolving the problems.

    Wish me luck with Treo 270 number seven.
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    Yes i have the same problem with A-Nova. My battery RIPs for 2 month, i send it to A-Nova and get a refurbished model. And now this unit deads too. Oh my god the Treo IS a great device but it was my 7 one And the service here in switzerland is not sooo good.


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