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    Everytime I open a Word file from snappermail, it soft resets.

    Its the version that installed from my CD so I'm confused. Is it possible that it isn't capable of opening Word files from really new Word versions?
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    Try reinstalling the handheld applications to your Treo and see if that solves the problem.
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    You mean a hard reset? Its never worked.
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    No I mean simply reinstalling the Documents To Go handheld applications.

    Open Documents To Go on your Desktop.
    Click Help.
    Click Re-install Handheld Applications.

    This will send the apps to your Treo again. It's worth a shot, perhaps they've somehow become corrupted. This will give you a clean install.
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    Maybe that is part of the problem and maybe it isn't but I don't have a DTG on my desktop. I only have the free viewer that came with the Treo and I don't see an Icon on my computer for it.

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