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    Is there any way to install *.html files to the SD card?

    When using the Palm Desktop, it refuses to save the files to either the SD card or the regular Treo memory.

    I suppose I could always just save the text in a memo, then import that to the Treo, then use SIED to rename it, but that seems such a convoluted way to go about it.

    I tried the phtml demo (and the other recommended html editor which name I forgot), but both of those cause a soft reset, so damned if I'm going to pay good money for a full version that might not even work on my Treo 600 (any good experiences here?).

    Thanks in advance for any good advice,

    Mark Edwards
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    Read the following thread:

    FYI, if your aim is to do offline viewing, why not just use Plucker or various doc readers like isilo or Handstory?
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