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    My sprint t600 does not ring while in my sync/charging cradle. I can see the call come through but it wont ring. I miss calls because I leave it on the cradle while working.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Wow, that's a new one. Do you have the OEM cradle/charger, or a cheap knock-off??
    My Sprint Treo600 rings just fine while in the cradle....
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    I purchased in on Ebay from Dans Cellular City with the title of the product "Handspring Treo 600 OEM USB Docking Cradle"

    The auction number was 3070970572

    It seems to be really a quality product. There are no manufacturers identification on it. Does the handspring model have their name on it?
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    Wierd, mine rings while in the cradle..
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    Does your cradle have any handspring identification markings?

    Mine is blank

    I want to see if I got a "OEM" product or not.
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    I have a cradle which came from Handspring. It doesn't have any markings/logos etc. on it at all.

    I'm sure the one you have is OEM as well. If you ordered it from Dan and he said it's OEM, it's OEM.

    My Treo DOES ring (i.e. make noise) while it's in the cradle.
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    Must be my phone

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