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    Still using VisorPhone on Visor Pro (I know, I know; antiques).

    The phone part still works, but lately the modem part hasn't. When using Eudora e-mail, get message "Timed out looking up incoming mail server," almost immediately after modem successfully signs on to isp.

    Same with using EudoraWeb browser. Get "Internet site cannot be found" immediately after tapping a bookmark. Its happens so fast I know it didn't even try to find it.

    There's something wrong somewhere, but not sure where to look. To my knowledge nothing has changed in System/Prefs/Communication or System/Prefs/Network. Per other postings herein I checked my pop e-mail account settings, and "My server requires authentication" box is checked.

    Any ideas? Please don't tell me to junk the thing. I've been holding out getting a Treo because the screen is smaller than the Visor Pro. Many thanks.
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    Ahhh, found it. My own dumb fault. Indeed I must have changed something in System/Prefs/Network, namely checking the "IP Address" box on the details screen. Unchecked it and all is fine.

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