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    Someone mentioned a Jabra ear set for the Treo 600. How do you like it and where can I get one, if you like it? Other ear sets? Thanks.

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    I love it. I bought it at Best Buy.
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    Do you mean the Jabra Free Speak? (which is a bluetooth headset which comes with an adapter to allow non-bluetooth phones to work with it.)
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    Good point, my comments were in reference to the windup earset. It has a windup mechanism to make putting in your pocket very easy.
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    The Jabra Windup Earset is an excellent hands-free headset with a few caveats in general and one slight flaw when it comes to the Treo 600.

    In general the Jabra earbuds are a great choice for those of us with outer ear canals that don't hold normal earbuds for whatever reason. (I can't count the times I've replaced the earbuds that come with Cd players or my iPod with 'phones that hook over the ear or head.) The unique earpiece shape holds the bud in place for a tight, comfortable fit and excellent sound. I have heard that they require replacing every 6 months or so, but fortunately the sets come with spares and you can buy additional earpieces without replacing the entire set.

    The windup mechanism is much like the ZipLinq retractable cable accessories. Pull out from each end to the length you want, then release to lock. Pull out slightly again and release to wind back up. The mechanism, however, is not nearly as sturdy or foolproof as the actual ZipLinqs and allows enough slack for the cables to snag on each other. It just requires a bit more delicacy in storage and handling than is desirable. Still, it seems to work. (ZipLinq makes retractable earbuds for most cell phones, but they don't have the Jabra earbud.) Because the cable is retractable, there is no answer/hangup button on the cable.

    The main problem with the Earset Windup is the miniplug that snaps into the headset jack. It has just a bit too much rubber on the plug, which prevents the plug from making complete contact with the jack. As mentioned elsewhere, the best remedy for this is to perform minor surgery on your plug, removing just enough rubber from the plug end to allow the two to meet. If you're looking at the plug with the gold end up, you want to remove the top of the black rubber cylinder by just a few millimeters. An exacto knife is the best tool for this job, but a razor blade will do.

    Hope this helps.
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