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    I'm looking for a Treo 270 (the GSM 900/1900) version for use in Ireland plus travel use etc)

    I've looked on ebay & am seeing them from 200 to 350 or so new etc. I don't mind having to get a locked one as I don't think it's too hard to unlock them without the operators help? (hope so anyway)

    Does anyone have any available? Or any suggestions.

    Ideally I want one with 2 cradles & an extra a/c power supple, again don't mind the fact that they have to be USA plugs on them (will have to use one of those ugly white travel adapters, yuck!) as the european version of the 270 is only 900/1800 which is useless for world use.

    I can arrange fed ex pickup btw so that's less hassle for you if your considering selling one...

    ManyThanks for any responses.

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    Once my T600 arrives, which is supposed to be mid-March, my 270 will be available, with one cradle. If you can wait that long, we can talk.

    I've never used it in Ireland, but have used it in England before. Worked like a charm.
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    I've got a unlock, optimized for Cingular, Treo 270 for sale. My wife bought it for me Dec 20th for Christmas, but HS had to replace it 3 days later due to rapid signal drop (less then 3 minutes after getting a signal), so it came optimized for Cingular from them.

    I just finished using the serial number of the t270 to do the t-mobil upgrade, getting a unlocked, unbranded t600.

    Due to health problems (Homebound until about April), this phone has seen less the 1 hour talk time. I've only used it while traveling to doctors and such. Never dropped, abused or really used, and kept on the charger. Pristine, with everything that came in the box, along with the orginal packaging. I will be using the treo reset utility before shipping, so it will need a full charge before using.

    Sooo, instead of holding onto the t270 while waiting for the t600 to be delivered, I'm taking the sim out and putting it back into my Motorola T720 for now.

    I want $225 in my pocket. The orginal price was $299 +tax.

    Buyer pays shipping, UPS/FEDX, overnite, whatever you want, I have access to either thru my wife's company.
    I will be using for transfere of funds. Buyer pays fee.
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    pbryon thanks but unfortunately March is too long.

    Thanks for responding thought.


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    MadTreo, if we can arrange this today I may go with it. Just waiting to hear back 2 other queries I have.

    Ideally I need it in hand by Monday so I'll arrange a priority fed ex etc.

    How quickly would you be able to have it ready for shipping? I've never used this escrow, so if I entered a credit card would you be happy to have it collected tomorrow morning for example or do we have to wait for something?

    I'm on GMT time so I'll back in here periodically to check if you've responded.


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    First, you need to go to and see their requirments.

    If you still want to deal, email me directly.


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