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    I had set up my T-mobile email alerts to alert me whenever I received a new email from my earthlink or yahoo accounts.

    It worked, but the average time for me to get an alert was well over 10 minutes. In the end it seems like a better idea to simply poll for email every 15 minutes.

    Also, it turns out that T-mo is charging 5 cents per alert (sent as sms).
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    GPRS accounts have an sms bucket, several hundred for free.
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    I have an older voice plan that already includes 500 SMS messages and I've never managed to use them all.

    Up until recently, all new plans included 50 and you had to pay $0.05 for each one beyond that. Guess they stopped doing that. Of course you could just pay for the text messaging upgrade add-on to your account:

    300 messages (sent or received) for $2.99 per month

    1000 messages (sent or received) for just $6.99 per month
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    Originally posted by jennyfur


    300 messages (sent or received) for $2.99 per month

    1000 messages (sent or received) for just $6.99 per month
    TMobile is actually trying to charge you for receiving SMS messages? Are they going to block unwanted SMS messages?

    Your TMo phone comes with the ability to receive SMS even if you have not included that in your plan.

    One legal technique often used is to site the precident "you can't charge me for something I am unable to refuse or can't go elsewhere for".

    I can see where TMo could charge for the SMS notifications it sends, but not for all incoming SMS messages. It's not like a cell call where you can simply opt not to answer, the SMS arrives if you want it to or not.

    I took a look at the TMo site. I was unable to see where it explicitly stated SMS messages you receive are counted against your allotment. I have also checked with several coworkers who use TMobile and they all said they do not pay for incoming SMS messages, only outgoing.

    What I suspect they are doing is applying your incoming SMS towards your plan, but the not charging for any incoming messages that exceed the alotment in your plan. A clever way to get people to pay for something that they could not charge for otherwise.
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    I am granfathered in on the Get More 5000 plan for $99.99 (they've raised the price on this to $129), and I've added unlimited internet for $29.

    I double checked my T-mo bill online, the phone rep slightly misinformed me. I am allowed 50 SMS for free with "Get More 5000", after that I must pay. In testing T-mo alerts, I went through 20 SMS in a few days.

    However, with the unlimited internet, it looks like I get 300 SMS for free.

    Is that 300 PLUS the 50?

    Anyway, regardless, the SMS was so slow, that it is better for me to just poll for email.

    Looking into the Chatter/Snappermail solution for true push email.
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    Originally posted by chrispawling

    Is that 300 PLUS the 50?

    not that it mattes but remember, the 50 free are for incoming only.
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