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    This has discussed briefly before but when I surf in blazer on my Treo 600, I can go back or forward in the cache using little on screen arrows or return & backspace key. Well when I leave blazer app & come back, there is no cache. I cannot go forward or backward (the little arrows on the bottom of screen are both whiter). I must start over or use the limited and clunky "history" database.

    Is there anyone out there who can create a little app or hack ("blazer cache hack") that will allow me to surf blazer, leave & come back and still be able to go back or forward in the cache? This was the way it was on the Treo 300. It doesn't seem that hard.

    Any takers? I know with all the ingenuity it took to create all those apps and hacks for the Treo 600 by T.C. members, one of you could come up with something. I believe!

    I would be very grateful for this & if anyone else wishes for this app or hack, please post here stating so. The more people to petition this, the better chance that someone will create it.

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    bumpety bump
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    75 views & nobody sees this problem in blazer? Nobody can help?
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    Try using a different browser like Webpro or Xiino. I know the latter allows this...
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    I do use Xiino but I think that Blazer should automatcally have this function..
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    Bump. One last shot...
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    no worse the Explorer on a PC IMHO. Yea it would be nice, but it's not bad either. I assume with the lack of responces that most people are ok with this?

    I do however know what it's like to get no feed back, so here is one.

    , matt
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    well tanx burky! you're a swell guy... or girl? I am kind of used to it now but I don't think it would be that hard to create a fix. I wish some kind soul would just make it for me cuz I'm special!! I never had this issue on the Treo 300. Weird. Anyone out there can just make a litle fix to be able to leave & come back to blazer & be able to go back or forward in cache? I will bake you a bundt cake...
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    How many girls do you know named Matt? Sure there was the boy named "Sue", but that was a Johnny Cash song... LOL

    I thought the 300 lost the cache too? I have not used a 300 in about 6 months so I can't remember. Good luck on the quest.
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    Go to Blazer
    It starts to reload the last page you were in
    Stop the reload
    Go to Menu / History

    I just tried it and it seemed to work okay - not smooth, but workable???

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