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    So, I know you can transfer pictures you take with your Treo to your computer, it possible to load existing photos from your computer on to your Treo?

    For example you have a digital photo of someone you would like to use as their caller ID picture.

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    Copy the jpegs into Handspring\Treo Pictures\HotsyncID\Transfer folder and hotsync your Treo. Enjoy.
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    Ah...OK. I was sort of on the right track. I just dropped the images right into the Personal folder, thinking they would be put on my Treo during Sync.

    And the software even compresses them for you which is great (they were pretty big images) .

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    This does not seem to work for the Mac. I do not have a Handspring folder; just the usual HotSync folder, which does not have any place for pictures. Anybody have any idea what the Mac version is?

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    I'm not sure how it would be for a Mac, but on PC, you have to go into My Computer, then Program Files, then you'll find the Handspring Folder.

    Maybe it's similar for Mac, I don't know. By the way, the procedure for me wasn't exactly as instructed above. For me it went

    Handspring\Treo Pictures\(folder with my name)\Transfer Folder.
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    The only difference I notice is that the software does not compress the files for me. I have to compress them before I drag them over into the above mentioned folder.
    (I would sure like to avoid the manual compression step if there's a way)
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    if you just want to view jpg after hotsync then all you need to do is load them to the hotsync queue and not the desktop viewer.

    you will then need a jpg viewer such acide image or myalbum at
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    When I tried adding a jpeg to my hotsync list, it was simply ignored by the hotsync. I am using a Mac, if that makes a difference. Do I have to make it a particular size or anything?


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