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    Is there a good horizontal wallet/T600 case with a sturdy belt loop out there? I've been checking around, and there are a few horizontal cases, but none that I can find with a leather/ballistic nylon full belt loop or loops (rather than a velcro or pressure-held loop or clip) and an integrated wallet.

    Does anyone know of such a critter? I tried a cheap vertical case, but it had a velcro loop that quickly expired from all the pressure of the case hitting legs/seats/seatbelts/etc.

    I'd really like to incorporate my wallet with my T600 into one case, and I'm tired of looking like a dweeb using a fanny pack.

    Thanks to all for looking and for any info anyone can provide.
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    Maybe something like this:

    I know it's not horizontal but I think it's as close as you're going to find.

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