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    So I just got a charge/synch cradle for the T600, and normally with PDAs it has been my custom to leave them in the cradle while at my desk, and take them with me when I leave. Does anyone have any idea whether or not this is a good idea for the T600? Does it adversely affect battery life at all? Does anyone else do this? Thanks for your help.
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    The manual states that the more you charge the battery the better. I am not sure exactly which page this is but I remember reading it. There are other posts about the battery life if you do a search.
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    I've been using the cradle for the T600 for over 3 months now and so far, it has had NO adverse effect on the device.
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    I do the same. No problems.

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    Me three.
    I've had the cradle on my desk for about 3 months now.
    I also have the car kit installed in my car.
    I have seen no decrease in the life of my battery.
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    Excerpt from page 5 of the Sprint/CDMA manual:

    "Maximizing battery life

    You can increase the life of your Treo battery by following a few easy guidelines. Remember that battery life depends on how you use your treo.

    * Charge your Treo whenever you're at your desk. The Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery has a much longer useful life when it is topped off frequently, versus charging it after it is fully drained."

    I keep mine plugged into the AC cable while at my desk at work. After 11 weeks I haven't noticed any decrease in holding a charge.


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