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    I know there are several threads discussing these upgrades, but after searching and browsing I'm still a bit unsure what they are supposed to improve (except the unlocking feature).

    I upgraded my unlocked T600 with the 2.08 upgrade hoping it would solve some noise problems, which it didn't.

    Now I've received a brand new replacement unit which has firmware 02.01 (software: treo600-1.05-int).

    My question is: should I upgrade to 2.09? Will anything be improved? Has anyone got hold of a technical paper from Handspring that states what separates the different firmware versions?

    If you know just where on treocentral I can find answers to my questions please point me in the right direction and excuse me for not finding it myself...

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    First of all the upgrade does NOT unlock your Treo. In my case nor did the Patch! I am with Orange UK, and the upgrade to 2.09 did nothing, though my flatmate did send me a txt which didn't get thru. And my girlfriend tried to call me back and I was busy for no apparent reason... I never had this problem before the update. So I am not sure of the benefits personally - just the paranoia - He he!

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