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    I'm a new member to the forum. Got my first Treo 600 a month ago, which worked fine until the day I did my first hotsync to my desktop. After that, the wireless went off. I can turn it on, make a phone call but if the call lasts more than 15 seconds, the phone reboots with the wireless off. Basically, the wireless only will stay on for about a minute at any time before it reboots. Tech support was clueless, sent me to a Sprint store, they tested it and said it was toast. Gave me a new phone, and yesterday after I hot synced it for the first time, the same exact thing happened to this new phone. When the wireless gets turned on, it reboot will happen within a minute. Anyone else have similar?
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    Check this out. It might address your problem!

    Sprint Treo updater
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    Sounds like you might be upgrading from an older Treo. If you are, it's highly likely the applications are conflicting, in any case it sounds like a program problem and not a device problem. remove all the backed up programs from your backup folder and install them one at a time after doing a hard reset. That way when there's a problem, you'll know which program is causing it.

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