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    I could really use the capability to record voice memos straight to the treo and then download to my PC. I remember the "visor" had this capability. Does the T6? If i need a 3rd party app, i'm more than willing to get it. I just dont know if the T6 can even do that.
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    As of today, no the Treo 600 is not compatible with any 3rd party voice apps. This is the main reason I would not give the Treo 5 stars. I love the treo, but a $600 phone that can't record a memo, please my wives $49 Samsung can record voice memos and voice dial.
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    From my research some time ago, the reason it is not supported is because developers cannot access the microphone of the Treo. I thought it was because they were not given the right APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or that they were given the APIs but when coded according to the API, the microphone was still inaccessible. Please correct me if I'm wrong, or update this thread if necessary.

    That makes me wonder if the current firmware upgrade fixed something and developers are hard at work testing voice apps right now! Anyone with some more info?

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