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    Greetings, just went out to E&B Cases, and they are listing a slipper Treo 600. It is expensive, over $40 and backordered. I used an E&B case for my Palm Vx with Omnisky and it rocked, it was well worth the money. Anyone see the Slipper Treo? I like the version without a belt clip because it fits in the pocket of my jeans... don't wear cell phones on my hip!
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    I am waiting for mine, I ordered when it was on back order.

    However, the reviews posted on this web site have been VERY bad. I need to see one for myself before I decide. I really like the idea of the clear plastic on the flip.
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    Hopefully you guys or gals browsed through some of the threads about the EB case. I've owned a number of pda devices and each time I purchased the EB case and loved it. However, I did not purchase the EB case for the Treo 600 due to many complaints.

    Of course, everyone has their own opinion but I would check out some threads.
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    Originally posted by dpwaters
    Of course, everyone has their own opinion but I would check out some threads.
    Yeah, this is exactly why I went ahead and ordered one anyway. I need to see it myself in person before making a decision.
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    let me know what you think. i am a big fan of the EB case but didn't order it because of the reviews.

    i did order the Piel Frama case and it is very nice. the quality is as good if not better than the EB cases i previously owned.
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    I'll be sure to write a full review of it when it comes. Unfortunately it's still back ordered.
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    FYI: Mine was missing the headset, microphone and reset holes. The hole for the sync cable did not line up because the case was too small and didn't account for the curvature on the Sprint case. Attempts to stretch the flimsy thin leather to get it to fit made it appear that the threads would rip apart.

    For your sake, hopefully it's back-ordered so that they can actually work out their horrible QC issues.

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    I emailed ebcases last week and they said they are remaking the treo 600 cases--- and to send in my old case and they would replace as soon as the new ones are out---- good luck
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    I got one, sent it back because it was probably one of the worst made things I'd ever purchased. I couldn't believe how cheap it looked for the price and the lid was bent and wouldn't sit properly.So I sent it back and they said they were working on a new design because they'd had so much negative feedback

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