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    I was using Palm VNC with no problems until I installed a wireless router (linksys) and now i cant connect. is it a problem with the IP as i have a router now . I input the ip showing on the VNC icon but that dosent work and Im not sure how to figure out my routers ip .

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you
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    I had similar problems with a Linksys router. Could never get it to work. I ended trying out Win-Hand and it works great.
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    You need a little more than the knowledge of your VNC pcs ip address. It must be static, and you must configure port forwarding on the linksys to your pc. The ports VNC uses are 5800, 5900, and if you are forwarding to a Unix pc, 5801,5802, 5901, 5902, etc depending on how many virtual servers you use. Windows VNC uses just one port, 5800 or 5900, for VNC clients and web vnc. Hope this helps.

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