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    Product in question: SIIG wireless audio link
    Purchased at CrapBuy for $29
    Experiment duration: 30+ days.

    So after 3 months enjoying my T6, I finally broke down and bought a FM transmitter so I can play mp3s in the car. I was deciding between the Irock 300 and the Belkin Tunecast but ended buying the Siig out of sheer spontaneity.

    The product itself comes in blisterpack packaging and consist of 3 parts: the wireless audio link, cigarette adapter, audio cable and manual. Real life picture can be found here

    Installation is a cinch. You simply plug one end of the WAL into the cigarette adapter and attached the audio cable into the other end. Step 3 would be to plug the other end of the audio cable into your Treo via a headphone adapter. Tune your radio to one of the 5 preset radio stations (88.1 to 88.9 mhz) and voila....

    As with all FM transmitters, the sound quality is only as good radio. If you live in a metropolitan area that utilizes all of the 5 preset bandwidths then of course, the quality will be bad. My uses were in the Metro DC area using solely 88.9 and the signal quality has been excellent.

    When the unit is plugged in and pTune's playing, if you happened to receive a phone call, pTune will pause and you'd hear the phone rings through the radio and you got yourself a handsfree car kit Callers on the other end was impressed with voice quality (I usually put the Treo on the dashboard near the tachometer) and reported no echoing. The downside to this is that if, let's say you're having a conversation while driving and stopped at a traffic light, the cars within reasonable viccinity around you WILL also be able to hear your convos. (given that they're tuned in whatever frequency that you've set). I've tested this out by having a buddy parked two lanes besides me and he said he was able to snoop in the conversation or listen to whatever music that i'm playing.

    Another experiment I've performed was to plug the WAL into my Thinkpad, which was put in the trunk. Again, quality of music playing directly from my laptop is great. The unit utilizes power from the USB port in this case. Siig has just came out with the PRO version with LCD display and 9 frequencies but I don't need all the bells and whistle.

    All in all, not only that this is good for us Treo users, it can also be use in the home. Plug the WAL into your computer and play endless music through your home theater system via FM transmission.

    Any questions, let me know.
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    I found a bug in my setup... It seems as soon as you plug in the converter into the Treo 600 it no longer plays through its speaker. The problem is now you won't hear it ring unless you are playing music through it. This is not a problem at night but during the day you can't be looking at it all the time and driving.

    If I am going to listen to me stereo and drive I need to unplug the converter. Then when a call comes in I have to pull over and plug in the converter (unless I am at a red light or something) and then resume my driving.

    I won't mind changing car stereos if someone else has overcome this problem. I am always driving and getting cell phone calls and I don't want to be distracted.

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