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    I just got a Treo 600 this week. I had owned a Palm Tungsten E before, for all of a week before deciding I should have gone the phone/pda route. Through my control panel, I removed all Palm programs before installing new Palm software, but I realize now I should have gone in and really searched for residual stuff, like archive/backup folders, etc.

    If I could do it again, I would have just done a search for all files with "Palm" in the name, and deleted them. But now, I've already installed the software for the Treo 600, and I think the residual folders from the Tungsten might be causing me some very minor glitches.

    Can anyone recommend an easy way to go in and ensure that all traces of Tungsten software are gone, without risking deleting something I shouldn't?

    What would happen if I just synched to make sure all current data was on my Treo, then deleted every single thing to do with Palm off of my harddrive, and reinstalled the Treo software? Would that work, or make a big mess?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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    That should work fine. It's basically what I did on my work PC. But (assuming you're running windows), make sure you run the Uninstall first, then delete any residual stuff, then install the Handspring software.

    But I don't really think you need to. I installed Sony's version of the software over my old (really old--Palm IIIx) software, and more recently installed the Handspring version over that. I haven't seen any problems as a result.
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    Thanks for the input. I should share the two glitches I'm experiencing that a Sprint tech support said could possibly be caused by the old Palm software.

    1) In the 24 or so hours I've used the Treo, it has shut itself off and immediately rebooted on me about 3 times, for no apparent reason.

    2) In the same span of time, about 3 or 4 times, the screen has gone completely white on me, no buttons will do anything, and there's nothing I can do except do a soft reset.

    Needless to say, both of these things are a bit distressing.

    Perhaps someone has input or comments on what might be causing these issues?

    Again, thanks!
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    Whether that problem is caused by the desktop software or not, you may end up having to do a hard reset to fix it. If that's the case, make sure you do an export of all the data (calendar, address, notes, etc.) from your Palm Desktop app, into a separate directory, BEFORE you delete everything. Then, after you re-install the Handspring desktop software, you can import your saved data back into Palm Desktop before you re-sync.
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    I personally would have just restored my addy and calendar and then done a completely new freash install for everything else. However if that is not possible, there are several apps like Cleanup from Northglide that help you remove residual files left over from old installations. I also would recomend you install Unistall Manager before you install any new apps...
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