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    I've had a Palm III since they first came out, more or less. Have always used the Palm Desktop software that came with it to synchronize to a PC.

    Now I'm about to receive a Treo 270 and need to know the right way to move my data into it.

    One way might be to use my old Palm Desktop software and have it sync with the brand-new Treo 270.

    Another way might be to install whatever equivalent software comes with the 270, then use it to sync my Palm III, then sync again with the new 270 connected to the PC instead of the Palm III.

    Has anyone done this, and have any do's or don'ts?
    Is there software designed just for transitions like this?

    Thank you!
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    This should work. It's essentially what I've done during several upgrades.

    Sync your old device to make sure everythings backed up. Oh, you DO use a backup program, don't you? If not, get a trial copy of Backup Buddy or something like that and install it first. THEN hotsync to back up everything.

    Install your Treo desktop software. It should tell you it needs to uninstall your old Plam desktop first. Let it: it won't delete your data.

    Right click on the hotsync icon in your systray (I'm assuming you're on windows--if on the Mac, do the equivilent) and for backup buddy, set the conduit to desktop overrights handheld.

    Hotsync the Treo. Use the same hotsync id you used on the Palm. It will copy all the files and data onto the Treo.

    Expect that some of your old programs may not work on the new device.

    If you don't want to automatically copy all the programs onto the Treo, you can delete everything in the backup directory (program files\palm\yourHotSyncID\backup is the default, I think) before you hotsync the Treo. This will let you copy your data back into the built-in apps, but not anything else. You can then re-install the apps you want one at a time.

    Bob Meyer
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