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    An FYI to those who run into the same problem:

    Treo Mail doesn't support treo-resident documents to be attached to emails. In order to send a document through email, you must select the document within documents to go, and select the send option from the drop-down menu. If you open the document, the send option will not be available - it will only be available through the "list" view. (I'm using the full version, I'm not sure about the "read-only" version.) You will then be prompted to send the document via MMS or email. If you try to start this process from the mail program itself, i.e., attach a document to an email you have written, you'll only be able to attach "sounds" and "camera" files. It's a little back asswards, but at least it can be done.

    (If there is a way to do this via treo mail, I stand corrected, humbled, and ashamed. Your kung-fu is stronger than mine.)
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    Dude! Great tip! Thanks!!

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