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    i just got a PNY 512 mb SD card, popped it in.. And now i'm trying to transfer MP3 files to the card. I have ptunes already installed on the treo 600. I go to Palm desktop and chose to install a particular mp3 file. I then go to Hot sync, and all it keeps on saying is Synchronizing. I've waited for like 20 minutes, and it still says the same thing.

    So I cancelled it, and checked to see if it wrote anything at all to the card. I was able to play a part of the song, but it seems like all of it isn't transfering over for some reason.. I tried diff songs, and the same problem.

    Someone please help!!!!

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    Search around the forums for the answer--in short, HotSync is WAY too slow to move MP3 files, photos and the like to your SD card. Get a card reader and do it directly--you'll be much happier.

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