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    I just ordered my treo but won't be getting it for a few weeks. I have a question about using "quick keys." Am I correct in assuming that the "quick keys" only work while in the phone application?

    If so, I thought I recalled seeing a program that makes it so you can use them from anywhere. I tried searching the forums, but Treo Butler is the only one I came across (its keylauncher feature). I could have sworn there was another program out there (that doesn't do all that other stuff). Anyone know of any? Or was I hallucinating?

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    I originally bought TreoButler just for the quick key feature. I love the alarm clock he put in, so I got a bonus for my bucks. It's not an expensive app, and for those two features alone is well worth it - not to mention easy to use.
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    Hmm, well guess I was hallucinating then. Oh well, apparently there is nothing else that does this.

    As for TB, I'm not interested in the alarms. And the other features (besides keylauncher) are all available in various other apps. I can't justify paying for TB just cuz I'm too lazy to go into the phone app to use my favorites.... it's only a small inconvenience which I guess I'll just have to get used to.
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    CoLauncher will do what you want, I believe. Costs $8, which is more than TB, which does more....not very helpful, I'm afraid.

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    Thanks... I bet that was the program I only vaguely remembered hearing about. You're right though, it costs more than TB so it's pretty much pointless. At least I know I wasn't imagining things now!

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