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    Well this is terrible news for Mac users like myself, and pretty much ensures that the Treo 600 will be my last Palm OS device. I think this is a huge mistake on their part. Mac users are disproportionately gadget users, and they tend to hate windows and therefore like Palm because it is a competitor. Palm and Handspring have tended to be companies that offered good mac support. So it is especially disturbing to see them abandon the Mac now. I can see them dumping their loser Palm desktop software, but to not even support hotsyncing? They need to be working with Apple to support syncing through iSync at the very least.

    If you want to use any future Palm with a Mac, email Palmsource or whatever they're called this week, and tell them so!
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    Another thought. It seems that a 3rd party company may make software for mac users, but that's still disastrous. Unless it syncs with Macs out of the box and does so easily, this pretty much means that Palm software developers will no longer make mac conduits and will shut us out of tons of Palm software. For me, this would mean giving up Splash Photo and Pocket Quicken and Wordsmith. I will never again buy a Palm product if they go through with this and will certainly discourage others from buying Palm OS products. Might as well just go with Pocket PC if you want an unsupported PDA for your Mac.
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    forgive my ignorance here, it wouldn't bother me losing the desktop app as I hardly ever use it except to instal / demo new software via hotsync - I presume this would no longer be possible too ? Or could you carry on using the old / current version ? Luckily ??? I've got a windows pc at work so could carry on using that. This new surprises me, look at the posts from mac users on this site which shows there are a lot of mac / palm users out there
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    email Palmsource

    There's the link to complain. Please do so!
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    Very disturbing news. The Treo 600 is an incredible device, but without future Mac support, will be my last palm device. What a shame.

    Thanks for the Palmsource link.
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    In fact I had alreaady emailed PalmSource before seeing this thread. I have been a loyal palm OS user BECAUSE they have supported the Mac. I know of only one way to show my disgust and that is to no longer support Palm.

    Unless Apple comes out with their own smartphone (how sweet would/could that be), I would rather buy a posketPc, even if it is largely out of spite.

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    Honestly, I have been a Palm supporter by default. I would sooner rip off my arms than use a Microsoft device, and sadly SE doesn't offer CDMA versions of their phones.

    I think the Palm OS is beyond atrocious. The buggiest, more poorly organized OS I have ever seen.

    I wish, in my dream fantasy world, that Apple would do a smartphone right. I don't believe it will ever happen, but they could do what the market what the iPod did for portable music players.

    That said, The Treo will be my last Palm device... I will just live without a PDA until Sprint offers a nice Symbian-based option (I won't hold my breath).
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    Newton Phone...

    Oh, wait...that's right Jobs killed the Newton.

    If you compare the Newton 2100 of 97/98 to the iPaqs of today they still come pretty close. The Newton OS was far superior in many ways to PocketWindows and way, way petter than PalmOS which really hasn't changed much since it was first launched.

    A real shame Jobs killed that product.
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    One thing you folks may want to keep in mind is that PalmSource is the OS company. They don't make any hardware. PalmOne is the hardware company. You don't know what their position on this issue will be yet.
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    I think Toby is onto something here. My Nokia 3600 with its Symbian OS worked just fine with my Mac via iSync. I don't use Palm Desktop anyway. The only issue I can think of is installation of apps onto the Treo. I don't know if iSync can handle this or not.

    And yes, using Missing Sync, you can use a Pocket PC device, and supposedly, they will support future Palm devices.

    And I hate to be a rumour-monger (I'm not British, I just spell that way), but supposedly at the upcoming Apple developers' conference, there is to be a new lifestyle device introduced... could it be...?

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