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    When I try to delete or purge my emails in mail1.01 it causes a soft reset and leaves the mails there. It seems to be caused by some emails in my Sent Items folder that say <No To>. Ive no idea how they got there.

    Does anyone know which files can be safely deleted in my back up or any other way of getting rid of them.
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    Your post is old so you may have resolved it. The same thing happened to me, although if I turned of wireless I could delete other emails, <No To> could not be deleted. I went into the backup folder in my laptop and removed (copied to desktop just in case) Email_libr_HsMp_BC6BEDC7.PDB, then did a hard reset, hotsync and was back up and running.
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    Thanks for the reply - will try it once the Treo600 returns from the Treo hospital - internal microphone / speaker problem.
    Overcame it by buying Snapper! which worked fine - but would be good to fix original email.

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