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    Does anyone know of a solution for getting the TREO to recognize a compact flash card? Is there some kind of adapter that might function like a card reader with a dummy sd card on one end so that one might plug the sd end into the phone and insert a CF card into the other end. Ultimately I'm trying to get jpg files from a CF card emailed as attachments via snappermail.

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    I don't believe what you're looking for exists. My guess is that you have a digital camera that uses CF. If that's the case, the opposite to what you want exists. So, you could get a SD -> CF adapter and use that in the digital camera.
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    Check the SD(IO) forum for an almost identical thread.

    I use the Minolta SD-CF1 adpater with my Treo's SD card in my Canon S400. Works great.
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    There is an alternative solution. Sandisk has an eight in one card reader. Nice if you are a gadget freak like me and have all different formats to work with.
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    Hey Dune,

    Thanks for the pointer to the other thread and the suggestion on the Minolta adapter. I think that might do the trick. I was so focused on trying to get the phone to read the CF card that I never even thought about trying to get my cameras to shoot sd cards instead.

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